Ray & T - Founders

Raymond, a native to New York City, grew up in the disco era, embraced and witnessed the awe inspiring power of music and fellowship.  After moving to Florida in 1983, the family would partake in numerous business endeavors, and ultimately, begin to lay the musical foundations that would someday inspire their three children.


Born in New York, Tamara is a mother of two beautiful girls.  Tamara contributes to Delvcrow through music production, lyrical assistance.  Tamara is also a photographer.  Tamara is the oldest of the Cruz children.

Paul, a.k.a. FYI-Delis - Recording Artist / Producer

Born in Daytona Beach, Paul is a father of three.  After High School and college, Paul joined the United States Marine Corps infantry.  Following his service in 2009, Paul attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  After his graduation, Paul began to focus his attention to Delvcrow.  His stage name, FYI-Delis, is attributed to his tenure in the armed forces.  Paul contributes to Delvcrow as a political. humorous rapper, a producer and sound engineer, and as a technical, legal, and business assistant.  Paul is our ACEO for Delvcrow. 

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Randy, a.k.a. Dija Mauve - Recording Artist, Sound Engineer

Born in Daytona Beach, Randy is Delvcrow' secret weapon.  Starting music at the age of 11, Randy is Delvcrow' chief sound engineer and main producer.  Randy's style brings uniqueness to Delvcrow, and allows for a fresh musical perspective.  All music in Delvcrow is original, and this is largely attributable to Randy's imagination and direction.  His alter ego and stage name is Dija Muave.

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Delvcrow's - Mission

As globalization brings distant lands to the forefront of our fingertips, the practicality of certain tools and luxuries will become more and more accessible and trendy, especially in regards to technological advancement in the media industry.  At Delvcrow, our vision is to embrace those technologies through affordable, digital media services.  We will strive to encourage local businesses, entities, and organizations to recognize Delvcrow and its Mission, in order to promote future prospects of sustainability, economic fluidity, and future networking partners.