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Fyi-Delis & Dija Mauve 2nd Album Production

Military experience mixed with Liberal approaches, music mashed with mayhem, and creativity united with truth. Listen, as political satire, humor and sadness, truth and deceit prevail in an endless dance of balance. And yes, please do analyze my words..

Music is muse for the soul. FYI-Delis and Dija Mauve are brothers, and our passion for music is a lifestyle. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps infantry, and a drag queen and makeup artist, have collaborated on the second album of "imperialism". Delve into the political, humorous world of inconsistencies and innuendos. The Er@ 2 will not disappoint! Semper Fidelis and One Love

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Fyi-Delis & Dija Mauve 1st Album Production

Enjoy political rap, 21st century meets reggeaton & hip hop, classic guitar melodies backed with contemporary hip hop & jazz. Techno, rap & dance, music for military grunts and the empathy of military life. And lastly, a mother's song all in one album.

The hypocrisy of bureaucracy and the failed attempts of racism.

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Bon Appetit

Dija Mauve

Bon Appetit, just buy it...

Bon Appetit, a collaboration between Delvcrow producer's Dija Mauve, Fyi-Delis and recording artist EmJ who was a back up singer for the 80's hot group Sweet Sensation.

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Forgive Me

Dija Mauve

An uplifting and Inspirational song for the soul.
Courtesy of Tim Miner Music.

This is a cover to the original Tim Miner song Forgive Me. Courtesy of Tim Miner Music.

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"Maybe" is a song meant to bring encouragement to mothers and their daughters through trials often faced within a family circle caused by divorce, loss, misfortune and so on.

The inspirations behind the making of "Maybe" came from a very recent break in the family of two young girls. Having their home split only brought many tears that needed healing. In hopes of shining light on the good that still awaits after such events... "Maybe" is a light past the hurt

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